Peak Medical Transport is a non emergency medical transportation and non medical transportation service in the Denver metro area. Our primary method of transportation is by wheelchair. We started peak with the belief that we can make a difference in people’s lives, even if only for several minutes a day. Our number one priority is to deliver the highest quality  patient care, safety and satisfaction. Peak’s mission is one that emphasizes trouble-free scheduling, quality customer service, integrity, and the safety to our patients throughout transportation. At Peak we ensure that our patients have a convenient, reliable, and worry-free method of transportation.



Our Services



At Peak Medical Transport we provide non medical and non-emergency medical transportation by wheelchair van. From patients in electric to bariatric wheelchairs, we can do it all.

Our Advantages


Peak’s company strengths and core competencies include:

Image of Peak Medical Transports non emergency medical transportations wheelchair van
Experienced Staff
Excellent Customer Service
Passionate and knowledgeable drivers
EMT-B certified drivers


We will take care of your Patient or your passenger and deliver them safe and on time

We’re ready to take you to your next medical appointment.

Latest News

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    What is non medical transportation?

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    New Wheelchair Transportation Service

    Peak Medical Transport is Now Open to Serve You Today is our first Official day open for business, May 8th, 2017. I created Peak Medical Transport in Early 2017. Now, several months later, Peak is finally ready to serve the communities of Denver, Douglas, and Jefferson Counties providing wheelchair transportation services.   About Peak Medical…